LEGO Minifigures Online

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An MMO where you collect all the LEGO Minifigures


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LEGO Minifigures Online is an MMO where players can explore dozens of different locations that belong to the LEGO universe. In them you can find and collect about a hundred different LEGO minifigures, each with their own characteristics and special skills.

Players can use any of the minifigures that they find during their adventures. For example, the minifigure dressed as a hen can fling eggs that explode when they hit any surface, while the female viking can use her sword to attack. You can also be a Roman centurion, a mechanic, a cyclops, a DJ or a knight.

So that the enormous number of characters that you can find along the way in LEGO Minifigures Online fit in with their surroundings, you can visit a bunch of different environments that belong to the LEGO universe: from a place full of pirates to a futuristic space station or even a medieval world.

LEGO Minifigurines Online is an MMORPG aimed mainly at a young audience, with gameplay similar to a most other LEGO games. However, this version focuses on interacting with other players on the Internet and collecting loads of LEGO figures along the way.

Installation takes up more than 5 GB on your hard drive.

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